EISHO luxurious wooden suit hanger

Issuing time:2020-12-15 17:00

A successful man should not only own his unique character, but also have his special tasty of things in life. EISHO luxurious wooden suit hanger, make by EISHO COMPANY with his 25 years of experiment and skill worker, win a good reputation in the hanger line. It makes many people curious about his success in luxurious wooden suit hanger. In fact, his secret is quite simple which is as follow:

Firstly, they have excellent luxurious wooden suit hanger designer. Every kind of EISHO luxurious wooden suit hanger is made after his designer’s thousands of tries. They think about every man suit size, color and every success man’s tasty.

Secondly, before making the luxurious wooden suit hanger, EISHO company would choose his raw material from mass of wooden. They will think about the environment at the same time they think about his business.

Thirdly, with eisho’s high technology equipment and excellent experience in making hanger, EISHO can make many kind of luxurious wooden suit hangers. The main program in making luxurious wooden suit hanger is as follows. Choose raw materialPressure plane cut into leafages shape,smoothen the surfaces,polishes by machine, lacquering, lacquer plating, drying.

The last but not the least, a man maybe your husband or father or brothers, should occupy his personal luxurious wooden suit hanger. The luxurious wooden suit hanger is not only a wooden hanger, but also a art of life, a special tasty of art.

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