Why fashion

Issuing time:2021-08-11 16:28

Why fashion?

Nowadays fashion is spreading its roots in this jet age of 21st century. It hasbeen extremely debatable whether humans idolize to imitate others or not interms of outfits,food items so on. I think the answer is yes.

There are numerous reasons to support my view point. First and foremost, globaladvertisement has made the world as a global village and various fashioncompanies establish their branches in entire world to sell innovative fashionthings in every supermarket and corner of the world. As a result, people try tocollect those things which are prevalent all over the world. For example, Chinasell its products frequently not only in India but also in other parts of worldas they are economical simultaneously superior. Consequently, people prefer toimitate others in fashion and consumer goods.

Furthermore, we all are living in glamorous where various fashion industriesdevelop new fashion all across the world further, people use them and try toimitate. Consequently, advertisement tempt to people to wear same dress oftheir celebrities. In addition, there is a needs for everyone to update withmodern world trends.
What is more, in term of lifestyle, people want to compete each others byuplifting their life as they want all things which are using by their neighborand community. As a result, people adore to copy others in terms of consumergoods and fashion. Moreover, due to technology, people come to know aboutpopular things which are in vogue at world wide therefore, they indulge in raterace of achieving prevalent things by internet so, they try to copy other.

To recapitulate, i think, it has become a fashion to imitate other to enhancetheir lifestyle.

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